Z Palette Medium (Black) 90.00 QR
Z Palette Mini Round Empty Metal Pans (set of 20) 40.00 QR

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قوالب معدنية خالية بتعبئتها بارواج آو كونسيلر او فاونديشن
آو ممكن تسطيح البيغمنت مع مننج مناسب لضغطه
Fill them with lipstick to de-clutter those lipstick tubes and see all of your shades at a glance, or fill them with concealer and foundation for your own custom highlight and contour palette.  Press loose pigments into these pans to create your own shadows – the sky is the limit.  Our MINI Round Metal Pans are magnetized to pop right into your Z Palette and the flat surface makes labeling shade names on the bottom simple!

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